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After the end of the game, this was decreed to be the worst setback for Barcelona in the Champions League and also the worst in the career of Argentine star Lionel Messi. In the heart of the Barcelonistas, the player despised the club's entire history, all the love of the fans, to become an athlete of the biggest rival, sporting and politically, from that summer he stopped being idolized and became one of the most hated figures by the fans of the club. Barca. 20 million and which benefited more than 400 families in the region. Partial view of the city center. Panoramic view of the Petrolina waterfront, and Fogo Island, in the background, from the city of Juazeiro, BA. Data of the elements, containing six drawings: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life and Death. To the south of the municipality are located some of the main islands of the São Francisco, such as: Ilha do Fogo, Massangano and Rodeador (or Rodeadouro).

Petrolina is inserted in the smaller micro-basin of the Pontal River, inserted in the macro-basin of the São Francisco River, in addition to the group of Basins of Small Inland Rivers. In that same period, the Gini coefficient, which is an index that measures inequality in a given region and whose scale ranges from 0.00 to 1.00 (the closer to 0.00 the smaller the inequality), was 0.625. The participation of the poorest 20% in income (wealth generation) increased from 2.7% in 1991 to 2.8% in 2010, with a slight increase in the participation of the poor in the municipality's income in that period of time. The same can be noted in relation to adherents of eastern religions, with 0.01% of the population following the Buddhist religion, with no occurrences of Muslims and Hindus. In the whole municipality, only 12 people declared themselves to be followers of spiritualism, which represents 0.00% of the population. Of the 63,755 people from other federative units, Bahia was the state with the highest presence, with 29,876 people (10.16%), followed by Ceará, with 9,596 people (3.26%) and Piauí, with 6,879 people residing in the municipality (2.34%). Of the entire population counted in 2010, 83,360 inhabitants (28.36%) were younger than 15 years old, 196,957 people were aged between 15 and 64 years old (67.00%), 13,645 people were over 65 years old (4.64%).

Still in 2010, life expectancy in the municipality was 73 years and the total fertility rate was 2.2 children per woman. Even though it has a modest number of inhabitants, there is a record of small slums in the municipality, degraded regions that do not have access to basic services, such as drinking water supply, sewage collection and treatment network, in addition to paved and paved streets. At the beginning of 2014, Petrolina's Municipal Environmental Agency announced the approval of the project that will create two conservation units, which aim to preserve the caatinga biome. Another Yugoslavian, Vujadin Boškov, took the reins of the team in 1979, coaching the team until the middle of the 1981/82 season. He won the league and Copa del Rey in his first year as coach. It is also responsible for creating environmental education actions, developing and executing projects and activities aimed at protecting the environment in preservation areas and improving the quality of the environment and managing the resources of the Municipal Environment Fund. Petrolina also envisages the implementation of other initiatives aimed at environmental preservation, among the projects, the creation of the Tatu-Bola do Semiárido Park, which must be an agreement between various institutions such as the City Hall of Petrolina, City Hall of Lagoa Grande, City Hall of Santa Maria da Boa Vista, as well as the Federal University of Vale do São Francisco and the government of Pernambuco.

In early 2012, the municipal government began the urbanization of the Cacheado community. On the horizon line there are also residual elevations, crests with/without hills. On December 13, 2009, line 9 opens with five stations located in the municipality of Santa Coloma de Gramenet from Can Zam to Can Peixauet, the first automatic metro line in Spain. Two years later, he featured in Euro 1984. The country advanced to the semifinals, falling on penalties against Spain. So much so that they were the two biggest winners of La Liga until the rise of Real Madrid, which began in the 1950s. similar to the blaugranes, it represented another region of culture and languages ​​discriminated against by Franco, the Basque Country. The former nautical headquarters of the club, Sede do Calabouço, was built in the 60s, when regattas were held in Guanabara Bay, today it is dedicated to the leisure of members, with a swimming pool, two saunas, sports courts, recreation area children's room, ballroom, medical department, administration of marine and Olympic sports and a restaurant.

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