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In Naples Allan and Koualibaly will be absent, disqualified. In the meantime, qualification for the round of 16 of the Champions League arrives at the end of a complicated group that saw Inter inserted in group F together with the reigning champions Barcelona, ​​Dynamo Kiev and Rubin. In 1988/89 other champions such as Alemao, Crippa, Fusi, Giuliani and Corradini will arrive, but above all the company turning point, with the Moggi-Perinetti couple in the control room. The 1990s seemed to start in the sign of the past decade, with a new promotion to Serie A won in extremis (at the last minute of the last day). The team was led by Nedo Sonetti (who took over from Ciccio Graziani even before the start of the championship) and made use of the contribution of prominent men such as the Brazilian forward Walter Casagrande and the goalkeeper Fabrizio Lorieri; however, something was changing and it became evident already in the 1991-92 championship, when the black and white team relegated for the first time at the end of the season following the promotion, placing themselves in last place in the standings.

In reality, the historical group that in 1977 had brought together various acronyms of yellow and red supporters included youngsters gifted with uncommon creativity, from Antonio Bongi to Geppo, the ultra boss who also became famous outside the capital for two letters published with great evidence by Guerin Sportivo. A series of draws, some of prestige like those remedied at the Olimpico against Lazio and at San Siro against Milan, presage a possible exit from the tunnel for Vavassori's boys. Six days from the end, having beaten Frosinone 2-1, Ascoli had almost reached safety and had approached the play-off zone, but an unexpected collapse with four defeats in a row brought the team back close to the play-outs. In the 1996/97 season the derby with Fermana returns after 40 years, both in the first leg and in the second leg it ends 2-2. Ascoli is placed at 43 points in 7th place, six points out of the play-offs. The choice proved to be the right one: the team immediately obtained three consecutive victories and continued just as well in the second round, racking up six useful results. Only the victory against Cagliari in the final round avoided the bottom position, which fell to Messina. Unlike what was expected in 1995-96, a draw in the final would have promoted the team with the best finish in the league, i.e. the Doric team.

The 1-3 home defeat in the derby against Ancona (November 22) convinced Benigni to replace Pane by recalling Pillon. The Marche team, on the other hand, drew 1-1 against the Veneto team, milan soccer jersey then being defeated 3-2 by Livorno on the last day at the Del Duca stadium. On 18 December 1994, shortly after the 3-0 victory against Pescara, Costantino Rozzi died suddenly, having been operated on the day before for a serious gastric haemorrhage. On 17 June 2009 Alessandro Pane was signed, who had just led Reggiana to the play-offs of the First Division. In the play-offs it overtook Viterbese and reached the final, finding its rival Ancona. "in a big club" is the perfect synthesis, that is, there could be no better opportunity than the historical rival. The Duke of Abruzzi, Luigi di Savoia obtains a concession of 25,000 hectares which he irrigates with a large dam built on the Uebi Scebeli which, together with the Giuba, is the largest and longest of the rivers in the South (the Oltregiuba as a region was ceded by the British in 1924). Further small adjustments of the acquired territory will take place up to 1929. During the rainy season both rivers are navigable for long stretches. The Viola in particular were at the center of violent clashes in the Curva Sud on their first away match.

Now that the Captain will finally have to taste what Europe that matters to him is like, and try to win something without being a braggart, and first of all he will have to understand what a Spitzenkandidat is, we can do an experiment. For the 2011-2012 season, the club confirmed Castori on the bench. Towards the end of the championship, the team also began to harbor some small hope of being able to place themselves in a valid position for the play-offs, but they failed to do so, finishing the season in ninth place, with 57 points. The season of the return to the top flight after 13 years included Ascoli among the surprises of the championship, with the Marches able among other things to impose an equal home match against Milan. Having qualified for the final, scheduled several months later at the end of the championship, the team won the trophy by beating the noble Juventus. The season is also remembered for the famous crosses "alla Roccotelli" (or rabona), already experienced by midfielder Giovanni Roccotelli in his previous season at Cagliari. 44′ – Cross from Callejon, Higuain stretches but doesn't get there.

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