Ambrosiana-Inter Sports Association 1939-1940

Business card for restaurant "Milano" 5minlogo adobe illustration photoshop иллюстрация фотошопMeanwhile, Juventus is in the hotel and the players are resting. Or a Juventus car air freshener? I really wasn't expecting anyone. In this wood far from the villages, nobody picks up the fallen branches, which pile up on the ground. Far from being a form of secular wisdom of mountaineers, it is a conception of Enlightenment derivation, which saw the forest solely as a reserve of timber, to be exploited in the most efficient and farsighted way possible, with human utility as the only yardstick. But particularly important appears to be a rhyme by Pseudo Anacreonte in which "Love" is stung on a finger by a bee while trying to steal honey from a beehive -fig 13- (or even when he puts his hand among the roses). Novara in the penultimate round, Tony Cargnelli's team maintained a one-point advantage over the Bolognese with the direct clash – decisive for the assignment of the title – scheduled for the final Sunday. Then I take the path towards Belnome; I walk the tour clockwise so as not to have to make the long climb from Boreca to Artana at the end of the trip, even if the opposite one would be better, to make the most of the insolation of the slopes. The mule track joins the path of the charcoal burners, which runs parallel to the Boreca.

D Letter Alphabets Studs Earrings In Val Boreca they claim to be descended from the deserters of Hannibal's army. Although now the Boreca valley is included in the Emilian Val Trebbia, the center of reference is Genoa: it is to the port city that almost everyone emigrated, when the subsistence economy of peasant civilization ended and the time came to leave. Living here is not easy, because you are far from any service and meeting place. Signor Antonello says that blacks stink even if they wash" – the whole dialogue has no narrative function, it will not have any repercussions or consequences, the interlocutors disappear shortly after: this bombardment is an arrogant, arrogant, easy, obvious typo and insipid that goes to the detriment of the discourse on gypsies it introduces and which on the contrary is very well written – and certainly not because it is less vulgar or more politically correct. A little later: «this is the first thing they say: wow how blacks stink, especially when it's hot.

All of this can be explained – but not justifiable: they are errors – with something more personal and refined than politically incorrect: the author's desire for programmatic antipathy, which also takes the form of the question of the pact with the reader, Tetti between the lines seems to say : «Know that I do everything as the fuck I want at both a micro and macro level, if you want to make a deal go read more, I'll bang you. At the beginning, the novel does everything to make you dislike it – Tetti is one of the least paraculi and accommodating authors I've ever read – and falls into a series of mistakes and smudges (the fact that the author is aware of it and does deliberately, in this case, the incorrect and smudged nature of what follows does not change, at most it is an aggravating circumstance), I will limit myself to two examples located in the first pages following the Prologue and opening the First Part: «they smell like whores because they have to hide the rotten smell that comes from the teeth and the old smell that comes from the armpits and the smell of piss from between the legs» – a clear and unjustified misregistration, which with its silly vulgarity out of place as an amateur, it produces an aesthetic-stylistic nuisance and, moreover, disfigures, diverts and weakens the introduction of the bus scene, which is very beautiful.

Giugliano, Di Napoli: \ All in all, however, it must be said that Tetti copes quite well and only stumbles from time to time. The company, in which his daughter Michela also works, now has 10 employees who have expressed all their condolences to Mrs. Adriana, Livio's wife, and to her children, living side by side with them every day. Gianni Tetti, it must be admitted, is not castrated and, even if I didn't love his novel, juventus jersey Neo – a strange and almost paradoxical thing to say about a publishing house these days – did good for Italian literature by publishing it. It is a freedom that is uprooted from the truth about right and wrong; which is experienced as a first reality; which is increasingly experienced as spontaneity. I start from Artana, which is the most convenient town to reach for those arriving from the Po Valley. For those who need it, then, there is always the classic red and strictly coral curniciello which, mind you, should always be given as a gift and never bought, because we know that luck cannot be bought.

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