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The occasional arrival, which will bring huge amounts of profit and income to the Japanese, but also a serious problem when that wave went a few years later. With the sixth wave of Consoles the industry begins to focus, Promises from brands outside the traditional ones in the market stop appearing and Sony has consolidated as the main rival to beat. Its market share with PS2, much higher than that achieved with PSX, moved many industry leaders to support a counterweight to avoid monopolies which are always harmful to innovation. Undoubtedly we are ahead of what we can consider as the generation that sets the graphic quality standards that still exist today, with certain advances more than obvious, but the leap in performance of this generation left the ones seen on PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast and GameCube far behind.

The technical evidence also did not help stating Xbox One as a much lower machine in terms of graphic power to move some games with the same quality and resolution compared to the Japanese console. His problem was piracy, which killed the novelty market as many companies saw their games stop selling and being available for download from the internet the same day they were released. We are in 2004, one of the sweetest moments of the company that saw how its two bets were to enjoy the favor of the most recalcitrant gamers and, also, the millions of users who until then did not think of playing video games. The difference between Jalvasco World Cup 2014 and the rest of the applications is that we can create a new tab in this application, and choose the data we want to be there. In this way, everything you do on the Internet goes through the Arcom network.

Since they have more land than the rest of the people in the area, they tend to lead the community of Thule Camp, as the Americans christened the barracks during their time – the English word camp becomes kampur in the mouth of the Icelanders, and the origin of this "camp" is called kamparar. This generation is when Miyamoto decides to change their definition of what success is: not the number of engines sold but the profitability they got from all their operations. The passion for football in Argentina is so great that it is not surprising that the fans of this country are repeatedly contacted in football stadiums for their songs and for their joy. It even reached the figure of 413,000 viewers at its highest peak and a 5.5% audience share. Despite the history of the ciguapa, it is a mystical figure that arose from the rural and mountainous regions of the Dominican Republic, as part of the short stories of Argentina, since it is one of those stories that is adapted to each area. In the field of laptops, Nintendo continues to lead the launch of its new Game Boy Advance, which has the same hardware power as the old Super Nintendo and the entire catalog of competitors to be seen that are still only stories : Nokia's N-Gage, Neo Geo Pocket, etc.

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